Recommendations on Chicago Warnings Or Dangers – Stay Safe!

Violence in the city of Chicago is well documented. However, much of this violence is isolated to certain areas of city, so as long as you practice caution, you should be effective.

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The South Side of Chicago is a Rough Neighborhood

The South Side of Chicago is where a lot of the city’s violence stems from. This is a very poor neighborhood, but many of the violence is gang or drug associated. There isn’t any true tourist destinations in this space of town, outside of a small gap-in-the-wall eating places you may want to take a look at for lunch.

The Chicago White Sox are based out of the South Side, but the EL (Elevated Train), or L, has a cease right by the stadium. This manner, you don’t need to park by the stadium or linger after dark. Plus, you’ll be touring in a large group with other folks leaving the stadium.

Practice Common Sense in Chicago

Possible Safety Issues on Public Transportation

The EL is a superb way to get around Chicago. You’ll be able to take a stop by the practice station and take it all the solution to the Chicago O’Hare or Midway airports. This can be a sometimes secure approach to get round, but you need to nonetheless practice caution. Keep your eyes open, especially at evening or when going via the southern suburbs.

Must you decide to take a cab, make sure that the meter is running. If somebody tries to quote you a price go to a different cab. You may additionally want to consider an Uber or Lyft. These drivers are screened and you can price them poorly for dangerous journeys, which means they may be much less likely to take you on a longer than crucial route.

Beggars and Scammers in Chicago

You’ll find most scammers near main tourist destinations, corresponding to the field Museum or the Art Institute. If anybody outside of the ability gives you anything, tries to showcase themselves as a information or anything, don’t pay attention. These are scammers. Anyone who is formally licensed to give tours will probably be inside the ability. By way of beggars, you’ll be better off simply ignoring them. Once you make eye contact and respond with any sort of reply they may very properly proceed and observe you. It may feel odd to disregard someone who’s directly speaking to you, however in a city of nearly three million (not included daily tourists), beggars are use to it.

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