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Saint Mary Of The Angels

The Church Architecture

Being modelled by the immigrant communities over the years, the town of Chicago is replete with ancient churches that marvel. Walk into any widespread Chicago church and you’ll really feel a way of religion reflected by its ornamental structure. The pristine interior and intricate artworks mirror the laborious work of Catholics.


Big Shoulders Historic Bar And Food Bus Tour

Historic Bar And Food Bus Tour

The title for this non-public tour comes from a Carl Sandburg poem. His phrase “big shoulders” has come to be a standard reference to the city’s labor roots. Bridgeport is Chicago’s oldest neighborhood and borders an industrial district.


History Of The International System

History Of The International System

States have interaction with each other in an atmosphere known as the international system. All states are thought of to be sovereign, and some states are extra powerful than others. The system has quite a few informal rules about how things needs to be done, however these guidelines will not be binding. International relations have existed as long as states themselves.